Cardboard Tubes and Rings
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The materials used to manufacture cardboard tubes and rings are papers Liner Test Liner and in different weights, from 150 to 350 grs. and PDA-based adhesives, all supplied by internationally recognized suppliers.  

Since our planning systems and internal control, we have succeeded in manufacturing high quality products with personalized service that allows for immediate responses to the needs of our customers, reacting to emergency situations within 24 hours.  

The measures that we currently supply are;  

- Internal diameter from 13mm - 200mm *

- Length from 12mm - 7mts. *

- Wall thickness from 1,1 mm - 15mm 

All our products can additionally carry both internally and externally Kraft Paper, Bond Paper Bond White or printed with the logo of our customers. 

* Tolerance of + / - 0.3 mm.

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Cardboard Tubes and Rings
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